For those that can remember early children's programmes, Tony Hart operated the 'Quackers' puppet in the Ray Allen series 'Titch & Quakers' - Tony was particularly delighted with the role when Lulu once clutched Quackers to her bosom -

Tony Hart Books and Illustrations

Tony Hart produced numerous books over the years and also created illustrations, logos and other images for TV and print.

There are of course many personalised cartoon character drawings (often referred to as 'Hartoons') in circulation as Tony created for charity auctions, and they frequently end up framed by those those lucky enough to have one.

One logo which has stood the test of time is the Blue Peter ship, albeit with some odd changes over the years. Tony received £100 for designing the logo (a tidy sum back then) but later said he wished he'd been able to persuade the BBC to pay him a penny every time it was shown or used.

The most well known Tony Hart books are: "The Art Factory", "Small Hands Big Ideas", "Paint and Draw with Tony Hart", "Draw it Yourself", "Arts and Crafts", "Make it with Hart", "Anyone can draw" and "Lettercraft".

Tony has illustrated many books, magazines as well as some early record sleeves too. Other work includes illustrations and storytelling for Blue Peter. "Fun with map making", "Puppets by Gordon Murray" (Illustrations), "Sooty and his magic" (1955) - Harry Corbett (illustrated by Tony), "THe tale of billy bouncer" by Brian Johnston and Tony Hart, "Packi the Elephant" stories, two books by Laurence Meynell, and more cartoon strips than Tony can recall. A Serif learn to draw CDRom and numerous videos for the Artbox Bunch and of course the Morph Videos (narration).replica omega




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