How to bring up fresh Japanese photos

    As mentioned earlier, you must consider the composition of your picture and the color combination in the early stage of shooting. Make the picture simple and clean, and it won't be so hard in the later stage. Let's show you the color mixing process of a fresh still life.

    Case presentation

    The original film is slightly gray, and the color is not fresh enough. In terms of composition, the sky occupies a large proportion. The color of the sky is a bit bluish and purple, and the color of the building in the Hpusn middle is mainly white. It is in line with the characteristics of clean pictures and cooler and brighter colors. Therefore, the main coloring idea of ​​this film is to brighten the picture, and then adjust the color of the sky. Reduce the purple component of the sky and make it bias towards cyan.

    First turn on LR and adjust the basic parameters. Appropriately increase the exposure, reduce the highlights and brighten the bright areas of the photo to find more details in the picture.

    After the previous step, the screen looks a bit gray. So a "s"-shaped curve is drawn on the curve to enhance the contrast of the picture.

    When adjusting, you do not blindly adjust all the parameters, you need to observe which colors are composed of the picture. Here are mainly yellow, orange, green,Hpusn and blue. The yellow and orange colors mainly control the trees in front, and the blue mainly controls the color of the sky, so I only adjusted for these colors.

    The picture looked a bit dark yellow after being brightened in the previous step, so I moved orange in the hue. The color of the trees is shifted to green. The blue that controls the sky is shifted a bit to cyan.

    Reduced the saturation of green, and the saturation of blue.

    The bright orange and yellow are the trees in front.

    Because the original film is dark, noise will appear after the overall brightening. This step can eliminate some of the noise and make the original film look cleaner.

    Tick ​​to delete chromatic aberration and enable profile correction. Most of the time, I will check these two, which can correct the vignetting problem around the picture caused by the lens.

    Camera calibration: After the above steps of adjustment, the general feeling is there, but the plants in front are still a bit withered, so I adjusted the hue of the green primary color to make it more green. The last thing is to increase the saturation of the blue primary color, enhance the overall color sense, and make the picture transparent.

    final effect

    Something to say
    The above is all the content shared this time. For still photography, the early color selection is very important. This requires you to accumulate more shots or watch more excellent works. For me, I am easily influenced by others. Some of my previous works tended to be simple and clean, and now I slowly try this blue and dark effect. It’s not about how much you’ve improved your aesthetics, but when you look at many different photographers’ photos, you want to try different styles.

    When studying in the early stage, you must take more shots and watch more. Don't be limited to the same style. This is more conducive to your growth. I haven't found the final style myself, and I keep trying. Finally, I hope you can all take good-looking photos.

    ring light with phone holder

    Moreover, every wedding you need to take more than a thousand photos and process more than one hundred intensive photos, which forces you to have a higher-profile computer to meet the retouching work.
    The minimum investment for this period is not less than 50,000 yuan, which is only the starting point.
    Second, you don't have professional equipment, you can have a shooting order.
    When you have prepared these equipments, do you think you can start taking orders? it's not true.
    First of all ring light with phone holder, you need to have a certain sample of the case, which can be used for publicity. Whether it is for a wedding company or for a newcomer, this is an essential part.

    cell phone tripod

    First, to become a professional wedding photographer, you need to have better equipment.
    As a professional wedding photographer, it's not just that you have an SLR plus a 24-105, you can make a wedding.
    On the day of the wedding, you need to challenge a variety of dim and dim light, fast capture and precise focus, all have high requirements, which means you need a more professional full-frame SLR.
    You also need to have a better lens to take a better photo, because you need different focal lengths in different occasions, shooting wedding arrangements from wide angle, macro shooting wedding rings, telephoto shooting portraits, fixed focus Capture a cell phone tripod variety of wedding documentary moments........

    mini phone tripod

    A wedding photographer is a relatively free and happy job. It not only plays an
    important role in the wedding day of the newlyweds, but also records their happy moments of the day, and also has a good income.
    Therefore, more and more people want to try to become a full-time wedding photographer, and even some people will give up their original high-paying and stable work.
    Best Jun is only suggesting that if you really want to work on this mini phone tripod job for a long time and be able to support yourself and your family, then before you make a decision, we feel that you need to understand the following suggestions, which will allow you to not blindly make select.

    Tik Tok Ring Light for phone

    When you and a master photographer are shooting in the same scene, using the same or even higher-end professional equipment, but others can always take pictures that are different from yours and capture the subtle moments you haven't found. If you have had such experience, this article may help you a bit.
    Rather than taking different photos, it is better to see different things. Photographers need to have keen observation skills, when you practice mature techniques, you can see, you can naturally take pictures.
    Cultivating photographic eyes is actually training observation skills, discovering unusual perspectives in ordinary scenery. This article will talk about how to cultivate this ability from five aspects, and finally take self-proposition training as an example to explain the shooting ideas. Most of the illustrations in this article are different from the author's previous works of great scenery. Some are small scenes captured in life, which have never been published on social media. I hope they can inspire you.
    Seeing the world from the perspective of photography
    Observation training does not necessarily require you to go to famous mountains and rivers to shoot magnificent and steep scenery. Pay more attention to the Tik Tok Ring Light for the phone living environment you are accustomed to. Observe things and scenery from the perspective of photography, and you will see the subtleties. When you see a leaf, what else can you discover besides its shape and color? Does it have interesting textures? What were the characteristics of light and shadow at that time? What color background is it on? Is its state budding or withering? Can these characteristics be clear at a glance in a hurry? Gradually, you will find surprises in scenes that you have previously ignored.
    Photography can train a pair of eyes that are good at discovering the beauty and Tik Tok Ring Light for phone retrieve the forgotten beauty. The beauty of life can be seen everywhere. In the morning light, in the setting sun, in the drizzle, and in the fog, every plant and tree has its beauty and unique charm. Slow down the hurried pace, if you can see the touching moments of these subtle places around you, understand with your heart, you will be open-minded and enjoy the beauty of life.
    Follow your heart
    In my work, although some photos do require powerful early and late technology to complete, even a photo involves multiple technologies such as bracketing, depth of field synthesis, stacking, etc.,Tik Tok Ring Light for phone and some require comprehensive astronomical knowledge combined with tide analysis. Only by making a careful plan can you seize the very small chance of shooting opportunities.
    But there are also some photos that move as you please, not even taken with a camera, just capture the moving moment with a mobile phone, and such a picture with a story can move people's hearts most. Photography is to convey beautiful emotions with silent images.
    "The best camera is the one you have with you." The best camera is the photographic equipment you carry with you.
    “The following photos are all captured by mobile phones. Some moments are fleeting. Whether you can grasp the decisive moment depends on your usual cultivation.”
    "Heart Dependence"
    Photographed at the annual Bondi Beach Sculpture Festival. A pair of lovers gaze out at the sea, next to them is a heart-shaped sculpture, the shape is very suitable for the scene, people and things echo perfectly. I was afraid that they would leave, too late to take out the camera, and quickly took this romantic and warm picture with the phone.
    On the way back to the parking lot at the end of the filming, pedestrians paired in twilight and photographed their silhouettes with their mobile phones.

    Studio Continuous Lighting for Photography

    During the day I always use black and white (while preserving the color RAW files), this is because I can see light, shapes and shapes more easily, so I compose pictures faster. Then I will compare the black and white and color images when organizing the photos, and then ask myself a simple question: "Does color add value to the photo, or is it just a visual difference?" However, at night, the world is more colorful , So I prefer to take color photos. But it is also worth noting not to ignore the light and shape at night.
    ·Keep happy
    It is so important to discover the truth of life and Studio Continuous Lighting for Photography. For example, if you hate weddings, don't be a wedding photographer. So to be a happy street photographer, you have to truly understand what you like and how you see the world. If you are a kid who loves humor, find something that makes you happy. Street photography is what I shoot every day. No client pays for it, and no one will judge the quality of the photos for me. So being able to shoot what I want is what makes me a happy street photographer.
    ·Discover interesting strangers
    Always pay attention to those who are cool and interesting, and don't be afraid to ask if they can take a portrait of them. Use open body language, or smile, or give them a compliment, and ask them if they have time for me to take a picture of you. They offered to share the photos with them after the Studio Continuous Lighting for Photography shooting was completed, and they would agree on 9 out of 10 times. Remember, don’t lose heart if you get rejected and keep looking for the next interesting target.
    ·Use long exposure skillfully
    Don't be afraid to do some photography experiments on the street. For example, you can use long exposure in different scenes. This picture uses a one-second exposure. I am attracted by the coats and dogs of the characters in the picture, and I want a dynamic sense of movement. Long exposure will exaggerate this difference. However, a camera with body or lens anti-shake will be more conducive to taking this type of photo.
    ·Become an "invisible person"
    Once it gets dark, the direction of the light changes, you can't see your reflection in the window, and from the dark you can clearly see what's happening in each window! So you can safely approach the window and discover the colors, characters, etc. in the window.

    Portrait Landscape Photography Lighting

    I like the way of life in the night city, neon lights, laughter, street lights, reflections, shop windows... it's a different world. Through this article, I believe I will make you not only fall in love with street photography at night Portrait Landscape Photography Lighting but also shoot well. Of course, these techniques are also applicable to wider photography and street photography during the day. All the pictures in this Portrait Landscape Photography Lighting article were taken with an equivalent focal length of 50mm, using the aperture priority mode, the aperture is generally F1.4, automatic white balance, and automatic sensitivity. I believe that street shooting at night depends more on the scene than on the fancy parameters.
    ·The layering of night
    When shooting, try to step back and see if you can include a wonderful foreground in the frame. These elements increase the spatial level of the image and make the picture more complete and atmospheric. In the picture below, the neon lights are reflected on the roof of a parked car across the street, forming a more interesting picture.
    ·Looking for irreplaceable moments
    Many street photographers are walking on the same street, so you need to look for unrepeatable or unique moments. An irreplaceable moment is more valuable than any photographer shooting similar scenes week after week. Therefore, start looking for unique moments, such as those different lights, moments of characters or weather conditions, etc.
    ·Increase the sense of "peeping"
    I like this picture of Santa Claus very much. He wears heavy makeup and white gloves while smoking casually. Behind him is a male poster. The foreground is a constant stream of passers-by, so this picture is more of a kind The feeling of "peeps" is much stronger than the feeling of Santa Claus standing on the street. In many cases, elements including door frames, window frames and trees can make the audience feel that they have peeked at a "secret" moment.
    ·Looking for the decisive moment
    Many street photographers just spend too much time walking, but not enough time to search and discover. Most of us have a range of activities of only 2-3 kilometers at most. The more you walk, the more opportunities you will naturally see, but if you find a suitable scene for Portrait Landscape Photography Lighting shooting, all you have to do is wait for different characters or light to appear. , Or change a different perspective and composition.
    ·The determination of color

    Hpusn LED Photography Panel Lighting

    In a small town in Iceland, on the way to dinner, the mobile phone took pictures of the windows of the houses.
    Two cyclists appeared at the entrance of the tunnel, adding interest to the disappearing point of sight, thus making the picture present a story.
    The above photos fully illustrate that equipment is not absolutely important. The key is to have a pair of eyes to discover beauty and the ability to respond to the scene.
    Out of comfort zone
    When we shoot a certain subject for a period of time, inertial thinking and skilled shooting methods will be formed. When we arrive at the shooting location, look for the foreground, low angle, small aperture, and press the shutter when the best light is reached. It is very impactful. The blockbuster was born.
    At this time, you will feel that your technology is becoming more mature, you can shoot in an orderly manner on the spot, and you can produce the film in any environment. But many people don't realize that this inertial shooting method puts themselves into an inherent frame, unwilling to break through, unwilling to change their inherent shooting thinking, and unwilling to try new shooting methods.
    I believe most landscape photography enthusiasts have had this stage, including myself. When I realize this problem and force myself to change and break through, new attempts sometimes lead to shooting failures, but they broaden shooting thinking.
    Putting down the ultra-wide angle that can bring a sense of security and filming protection, picking up the middle and telephoto,Hpusn LED Photography Panel Lighting and looking for new perspectives in a different way of thinking from the past, I found that nature is not only the foreground, the mid-range and the distant view, but also many The beauty and delicacy that have not been seen before.
    Partial view of waterfall with medium focal lens
    Telephoto lens for seascape shooting
    The waves in the morning light
    Discover points of interest
    The photographic eye is closely related to the photographer's ability to compose, discover and arrange the picture. The easiest mistake for beginners to make is to take photos of all the scenery, resulting in a messy picture. When replaying photos, I always feel that the Hpusn LED Photography Panel Lighting beauty is far from shocking as I saw on the spot, which is caused by the inclusion of too many scenery when shooting. A photo with too much content can make people feel incomprehensible. It has everything but it seems to express nothing and lack a clear theme.
    So don't rush to press the shutter when shooting. First ask yourself: What is the subject I want to show in this photo? ? In this way, when shooting, we will pay attention to remove some unnecessary and interfering elements to highlight the subject. The choice of the subject is very important. It needs to have both colors and colors. In layman's terms, it should be a beautiful, interesting, and attractive scene.
    Self-proposition training
    Perspective innovation is an important subject of composition. Shooting the same scene from different angles can bring different visual experience. Su Shi's poem: "Looking at the side of the ridge, there are peaks, with different heights and different distances." It means that because of the different angles, you can appreciate the different beauty of the mountains.
    In human nature, the scenery that one does not often have the Hpusn LED Photography Panel Lighting opportunity to see is subjectively regarded as beautiful. The northerners will be fascinated by the poetic atmosphere of the misty rain in the apricot blossoms in the south of the Yangtze River. When the southerners go to Saibei, seeing the vast scene of the desert will also arouse the pride in their hearts. People who live by the water always want to feel the feelings of the mountains, and those who live in the mountains often yearn for the romance of the sea.

    Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod

    I have published a composition tutorial. Most of the examples in the article were taken in and around Sydney’s doorstep. One of the comments made me laugh at me? "The key to being able to go to such an unattainable scenic spot is the first thing." The messages with the most likes indicate that his views are also the inner thoughts of many people.
    People often turn a blind eye to the scenery around them, and always think about going abroad to go far to get a blockbuster. They use how many countries they have traveled to as a capital for conversation and show off, and the photos they take are all identical postcard replicas.
    Changing your usual perspective and trying new camera positions and perspectives will allow you to see different worlds and bring you new inspiration and creativity.
    To cultivate this ability, the best way is to find a scenic spot that has been "badly photographed" at the door of the house and see how many different perspectives can be found. As a world-class tourist attraction, the Sydney Opera House has been seen countless times over the years, and it really cannot arouse any desire for shooting. In order to exercise my eyesight and discovery ability, I once propositioned myself? "Shooting the Sydney Opera House from different angles",Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod and asked to take ten photos with different angles and different ideas. This kind of exercise will effectively stimulate potential and enhance observation and creativity.
    The conventional camera positions are not listed. The following three unconventional camera positions are used to briefly introduce the shooting ideas during practice.
    The above picture is to put aside the conventional big scene shooting ideas, and walked to the bottom of the Sydney Opera House, intending to view a part of the scene, but if only shooting the texture and shape of the building, it is not very brilliant. While thinking about how to compose the Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod picture, an old couple came and they only stayed for a few seconds before leaving. I was lucky to capture this moment. The shapes, lines and people form a dot, line and plane composition, which is simple, lively and interesting.
    This photo was taken with a mobile phone. In the afterglow of the setting sun, a couple seated on a bench opposite the Sydney Opera House to watch the sunset. With the addition of human elements,Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod the photo is no longer a single landscape, but it embodies love and warmth. More vivid.
    In order to present the different appearance and perspectives of the Sydney Opera House, the shooting time was selected at the annual Sydney Light Festival. If only shooting the colorful opera house shape is no different from the perspective of tourists, my idea is to use the railing on the shore to form a frame composition to add interest to the picture. The seemingly simple idea is not easily realized by pressing the shutter. The photo involves two synthesis techniques, depth synthesis and time period synthesis. The light show every night starts after the blues period, and the sky is no longer blue, so I decided to shoot the railings and sky in the foreground during the blues period, keep the camera still, and wait for the light show to start. opera. Because the foreground is too close to the lens, it is necessary to focus on different parts to take several shots. The final product is a post-composite of a group of photos synthesized by the same camera's depth of field and time period.

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