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How can I add my existing site's header or footer to the visitor's news view?

The key is to add your header and footer to the NML header and footer, since both of these files are called from the entire public portion of the application! (So only one include statement will add your header everywhere in the NML application; one include statement will add your footer everwhere.) And, don't forget to link from your header, to an appropriate news view.

To add your existing menu to the entire visitor's side of the program:
  1. Using notepad, or a similar text editor, open the inc_header.asp or inc_footer.asp file, found in the root directory of NML.

  2. Modify the include statement. Change the portion that reads your_header_here.asp to the full path of your existing header/menu. (Most well designed sites have the header in a separate file, for the simple convenience of it! If your header isn't in a separate file, you will need to add in the entire header portion of the code here, and remove the 'include' statment.)

    *Note: When your header file is located outside of NML, you may need the full URL. An alternate include statement could be something like the one below, but will depend on your unique path and server settings.

    <!--#include virtual=""-->

  3. Save the file, and upload it if necessary.

How do I get rid of this header that I clicked on to get here?

Same thing! Either change the file path above to your menu/header file, or remove the line that contains that statement. (If you don't have a header or menu to add.) This header will be replaced or removed accordingly.